Organic SEO vs. Adwords to Rank in Google

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Organic SEO VS AdWords to Rank in Google

Lots of organizations and businesses are concerned with being on Google’s front page. Traffic from search engines can undeniably be a significant source of leads to your site. Unfortunately, a lot of confusion and misinformation exist around Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Many businesses, organizations and individuals have approached us, asking us about SEO. Often, they’ve preconceived ideas about the meaning of SEO. Most think that the job gets done by scattering few keywords across their sites. Sometimes, they correctly understand that SEO is an expensive, time-consuming process that involves both on-site and external factors.

In our efforts to get to the root of their question, we realize that what most people want is simply qualified website traffic. There are two main ways to attract traffic to your site from Google. One involves optimizing your website for organic search while the other entails the use of Google AdWords.


  1. Organic SEO- This refers to the listings found in the main area of search results on Google. The listings show up at the center of your screen, displayed based on the natural algorithm Google uses. These listings can’t be paid for but one can target them through content and other external factors.


  1. Google AdWords- This is an advertising program by Google. AsWords listings will show up at the top of Google search results, as well as on the side. Typically, they appear in yellow color at the top, and in small boxes at the right-hand side. These listings can be paid for directly through the program. The good thing about AdWords is that you’ll only pay for direct leads to your site. Money will only be deducted from your account when someone actually clicks the ad and visits your website.

Which Method Best Suits Your Personal Website, Business or Organization?

The answer here is dependent on several factors. Case in point, you’d need to consider the actual product or service that you’re selling. Organic SEO is typically expensive and time-consuming. Yes, it can lead to significant payoff and remarkable ROI, but would typically require monthly investments of at least $1,500 if using an SEO company. If done in-house, it’d require endless hours of careful planning, critical analysis and labor. Whichever approach you decide to follow, it’s a significant investment.

In case the product/service has a high-dollar individual selling price, organic SEO could be greatly worth it. For instance, if you’re selling legal services, laser eye surgery, jewelry or vacuum dehydrators, you wouldn’t need too many additional web leads in order to report a positive ROI from the campaign. On the contrary, if you’re selling $5 widgets, then lots of volumes will be needed in order to see positive returns.

On the other hand, AdWords has several distinct advantages of its own, as well as disadvantages. An AdWords campaign can run for 24 hours non-stop. Still, you can start with a way lower budget. For that reason, AdWords best suits smaller companies with a low ticket sale.

Now, What Next?

If your firm can afford an advertising budget of at least $1,500 each month, and sells a product/service that has a significantly high price tag, then organic SEO would be an excellent fit. But if your company is small and with a limited starting budget, you can start off by using AdWords program.

Either way, it’s crucial that you ensure someone is managing your online marketing program properly. If your firm has someone in-house who has the time and expertise, he/she could be a great fit to manage your organic SEO or AdWords campaigns. If that’s not the case, it’d be wise to outsource the task to a reliable digital agency.

City of Boston SEO

There are several reputable agencies in Boston which offer quality SEO services. Make use of agencies like these to ensure proper management and monitoring of your marketing campaigns online. This goes a long way to ensure that your money isn’t wasted and that your efforts are actually producing optimal results.

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